Hardcore coffee enthusiasts

Death Before Decaf was built by the creative brains, passion & hard work of Carl & Nicola. A couple with a mutual love of coffee, tattoos & the heavy music scene. With a thirst to work in an environment that reflected who they were, and to create a welcoming place for people who enjoy coffee 24/7…they opened their own shop. Death Before Decaf was born through a frustration of the specialty coffee scene being closed by 3pm. Where coffee was the add-on sale to the coveted avo on toast instead of being the star.

Carl and Nic's mutual passion for coffee and hardcore music also sparked a journey to cultivate their own coffee beans. Their goal was to combine the rich flavours of coffee with the raw power of hardcore music. After years of dedication and experimentation, they crafted a unique blend that beautifully mirrors their taste preferences and captures the essence of the hardcore music scene.